Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where Did the Dudes Go?

Did Real Food Dudes fall victim to the infamous blogging bug-- where passionate enthusiasm to share a message with the world is short-lived and destined to join the other millions of abandoned blogs in the Internet graveyard?

No worries, no such thing has happened to Real Food Dudes.  Back in February, we quickly launched a site on Blogger to get our feet wet and test the waters.  Seriously, we had the site up in ten minutes and never looked back to configure layouts, create sub pages, or anything else that a good website or blog should have.  We strictly focused on writing and making posts in hopes to just get some momentum and to perhaps discover our niche.  

After a few months of just slapping up blog posts on a structureless site, we discovered that we, in fact, really do enjoy this.  We love the interaction with the community, the sharing of ideas,  and the ability to hopefully provide valuable content to those that are seeking out ways of improving their lives and health.  Also of extreme importance to us is the learning and discovery that, fortunately, we get to participate in as we interact with a wonderful community (both online and offline).

With that said, we've decided to get more serious with the content we provide.  We're taking this to the next level!  We've been working hard behind the scenes on a new site.  Unfortunately, this has kind of meant we've been in hiatus on the current site.  We look forward to resuming the great interaction and conversations we've had with you all soon.

Please stay tuned...

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