Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who is Real Food Dude1?

I am not a cook, farmer, or gardener.  I eat my food too fast and never stop to think and savor flavors or textures.  I eat because I have to, and rarely care how I relieve the pain of hunger.  This probably makes me extraordinarily ordinary.  Does this sound like you?

Of course, these are all things that I have set out to accomplish or correct because of my new-found appreciation for real food.  I wish to be ordinary no more!  If you are reading this blog perhaps you sympathize with my story.  Perhaps, like me, you are subscribed to more real food blogs than you can keep track of or possibly have time to read.  But for once you are fired up to make real significant changes in your  life.  Your passion for health, family, social relationships, and local markets has empowered you to change everything about you

I am not very far along in this new journey of diet and life style, but find the significance of it as empowering motivation to write about it; to share it; to connect with others regarding it.  I am extremely excited for what my future holds in store for me as I learn about nutrition, flavor, gardening, cooking, my community, and more.  Do you feel this same kind of excitement?  Do you agree it is not something to be felt alone?

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