Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Very Best Fried Eggs (according to Dude2)

Eggs are a staple for breakfasts at my house, so I've had the opportunity to try cooking them in dozens (maybe hundreds) of different ways.  For over easy fried eggs, this is my favorite of the bunch:

Over Cheesey Eggs (one serving):
  1. 2 large eggs from pastured hens
  2. 1/4 tsp rendered chicken fat (or olive oil)
  3. a couple swipes of your favorite cheese across the grater
  4. salt and pepper
Heat your griddle or skillet with the fat in it and grate the cheese right onto the griddle:

Let the cheese fry itself for a few seconds, until it just starts browning.  It's better to err on the side of too early than too late here, as over-cooked cheese gets bitter quick.  On the other hand, the flavor of the cheese is really intensified when it's perfectly toasted... I guess it keeps things interesting!

Crack the eggs directly on top of the cheese (this stops the cheese from over-cooking), and fry as normal for over easy eggs:

When you flip them, you'll see the nice orange pattern on the bottom from the lightly toasted cheese:

That's it!


  1. What is the salsa on top of the eggs?

  2. It's a little leftover pico de gallo from fajita night. Normally I'd use a little bit of vinegar based hot sauce (we make it out of fatalii peppers in the summer), but pico is pretty good if you have it around.